How Pole Wear is Different from Regular Athletic Apparel

Pole fitness is a different beast altogether when it comes to athleticism, and so it comes as no surprise that embarking on this journey will require a new set of wardrobe.

Regular pole dancers almost liken it to dancing around half-naked. Skin is required to come in contact with the pole to maintain grip, requiring your arms, torso, inner thighs, between the knees and legs to be uncovered for maximum performance.

And so a typical pole outfit is just that – two pieces:

  • Sports bra that is able to hold in your boobs when you’re upside down
  • Shorts that are typically v-shaped to expose much of your inner thighs when you’re doing sits. They also typically have a wider crotch area to prevent a wardrobe malfunction from happening when you’re moving around.

For dance performances and competitions, some elect to wear a bodysuit but you will notice that these bodysuits will generally have a cutout on the side to expose some of your torso and allow skin to come in contact with the pole when you’re hanging on for dear life while spiraling through spins.

When it comes to floor work, people find it extremely beneficial to also don knee pads, leg warmers and/or socks to prevent bruises from developing. 

Pole dance knee pads are actually quite different from volleyball knee pads. They’re not quite as thick but they’re not as restrictive and allow you to move more freely across the floor. The back of the knee pads also has a cutout, allowing them to be versatile enough to be used when you transition back and forth between the pole and the floor.

Model pole/floor work

 Like a bikini, you can also have your fun with pole dance outfits and bring out the inner goddess/sensual/sexy/elegant/casual girl-next-door side of you. Pole Werk offers an assortment of stylish pieces and accessories to help you to get your groove on for your next dance performance or practice! In fact, many of these pole dance outfits can also be worn as swimwear, allowing you to show off your hot pole dance body at the beach in none other than pole dance attire!

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