Pole Fitness is Self-Actualization

When it comes to goal-setting, exercise is a commonly cited resolution because of the way that it can transform us both physically and mentally.  Milestones are within reach as long as we are consistently and habitually working at them. With a sense of accomplishment, we carry ourselves with greater poise and confidence in our day-to-day.

But pole fitness does more than just lend to a bolder attitude and make you feel comfortable in your own skin; it leads you towards a path of self-actualization. Working at lengths to reach their potential, pole dancers become the absolute best versions of themselves.


Pole fitness empowers you to feel confident, capable and sexy. No other sport builds both athleticism and also puts you in touch with your sensual side. You become your alter ego.

Freedom of Self-Expression through Movement

Pole combines both the agility and grace of dance, and the stamina of fitness. Straddling both art and sport, pole dancers are able to channel their emotions and freely explore themselves in a safe space. Pole lets you find your sense of self, and the world cheers for you as you confidently command the pole and the floor with sass.


The pole dance community is welcoming, tight-knit, inclusive and open-minded. Everyone is encouraged to freely express their sexuality. For new students who are a bit conservative, the emphasis on this way of thinking often comes as a surprise but it’s also liberating. Pole dancers are accepting of one another and you should also be accepting of yourself individually. Work your stuff and bring out that sex appeal (if you want – no pressure)!


Pole fitness can be intimidating for a shy and timid newcomer, but it takes a lot of courage to overcome any insecurity and just bare all: your body, your initial clumsiness and self-perceived lack of sexuality. With passion and resolve, you’ll break down your own barriers and emerge on the other side transformed.

Change of Dress

As you evolve as a pole dancer, your tastes will change. You might find yourself not just graduating from regular sports clothes, but also gravitating towards new styles of pole wear. You will wear outfits that you never would before and you do it without apology. This is self-actualization all wrapped up in a nice package!


There might be many times when you say, “I can’t,” and then one day you can.